Art Life Jamaica (ALJ) does not carry health insurance for its Artist-in-Residence. ALJ does not provide coverage for your personal property. Should you desire theft insurance and/or ensure your artworks, you will need to obtain it yourself.

Health care:
Doctors visit (for fee) in Black River town, about 30 car drive from residency.

Please indicate that you are an “Artist-in-Residence at ALJ” or the work made here is at “Art Life Jamaica, St Elizabeth, Jamaica” in any press material that you send out. ALJ may use images of you and/or your work for promotion and support of the work here before, during and after your residency. Artists must inform Art Life Jamaica if their portrait pictures cannot be used. Images used may be from the material that you submitted for your application or from the work created while staying here. ALJ may also document work created while in residence for archive and PR purposes. In further exhibitions or public events please indicate that the work was created at Art Life Jamaica residency..

Art Life Jamaica has the right to record and publish the artwork/music which has been produced for the events or performance during the residency or other information material received from the artist in any of the media, including printed matter, social media and surroundings web, for purposes of education or publicity without any financial compensation. Art Life Jamaica has also the right to grant permission for other interested partners to record and publish these works in any of the media for purposes of education or publicity. The artist is obligated to have a legal right and necessary licenses to use and present material from third parties. Works and materials in physical form including but not limited to painting and sculpture which artists leave in Art Life Jamaica, ALJ has the right to sell or transfer to another person without prior consent. All work created by the artist alone remains artist’s property. The cost of shipping work to your home or studio is your responsibility at the conclusion of the residency. If the artist works with the community members created remains the property of a group individuals/Listhus/public space/yours as negotiated and agreed, depending on the nature of the project.

House rules:
Art Life Jamaica is a small non-profit organization with a 30% paid staff only. So, artists expect to take care of their daily life. Every our house supports 2 to 6 people and artists have their private bedroom, but shared living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc. Residency artists has duties to keep the house clean and tidy. A cleaning deposit of 100USD  is paid in cash on arrival. It’s refundable after the apartment is checked with the condition as it was. Smoking in all ALJ venues are allowed. Residency artists have to clean their bedrooms and studios before they leave. Artists also have the duty to keep the public space (living room and kitchen) clean and tidy. More housekeeping instructions will be delivery to you on your arrival. Don’t take down the artworks/pictures from the wall and put it somewhere. Any damage of property will be asked for compensation. If you have re-arranged the furniture and/or the setting, please re-cover to the original place as it was before you leave. Bedroom materials should be used in bedroom only; kitchen tools and cloth are for kitchen only. If you need more, please ask us.

How we select artists?
1) How their projects are related to nature and landscape?
2) How diversity of their life experience?
3) How realistic of their projects?
    of course, plans and ideas can be changed based on-site experience
4) How interesting of their projects?
5) How interaction their project will be with local people?
6) How serious they are being residency artists?
7) How their characters are toward to an “remote” town?
8) We also look at their educations, but it is not the most important.
We accept fresh graduation students or
    even they are still studying in art.
9) We look at how passionate they are working on “art”.

Passport and Immigration:
Valid passport is required
…please check from Jamaican embassy, do You need visa. For many citizens entry are free or can obtain tourist visa from border.

There is no funding or grants that directly related to the program yet, but the artists receive a signed, formal invitation and the application committee will be at hand to assist as it can with funding.

Accommodation and facilities:
For details, please visit the webpage here.

visit the web page here.

Useful information for funding resources:
KulkaARS Baltica
Australia Council For The Arts
British Council – Arts
The Canada Council For The Arts
England Arts Council
European Cultural Foundation
Ireland – Arts Council
On The Move – Funding EU
Res Artis.Org
Mladinfo (education and exchange opportunities)
Stipends for Projects Aboard (Sweden)
Trans Artists.Org
UNESCO Aschberg Bursaries for Artists